Lesson 1: Your Personal Numerology Chart


Your numerology chart is your vibrational road map, revealing the lessons you are here to experience, the strengths, weaknesses and traits you possess and how you can make the most of the trip.


Although numerology readings can get very detailed and extensive, I like to use the chart shown below as it covers all the important numbers in a concise one-page snapshot. You will notice that the numbers come in two types: those that affect you for your entire life (highlighted green) and those that are felt most strongly during certain periods (highlighted yellow). Also, every number derived from your birth date relates to your path and what you are here to do, while those numbers derived from your name reflect your nature, who you are.


The only "input" numbers you need to provide are your birth date, full birth (legal) name, the "current" name you normally go by and the prior/current/next years. Over the following series of lessons,  we will learn about each "output" number so that you can generate your own chart. You will see how easy numerology is to master and just how powerful a tool it can be in providing greater clarity and control to your life!