A Base-12 Theory of Everything

Although I never anticipated my foray into base-12, the prime vibration and physics would lead to a so-called "theory of everything", that's where I ended up. And I am quick to admit I'm not a trained physicist by any means, more of an armchair explorer with obsessive mathematical tendencies. Still, that lack of formal training does afford the conceptual freedom to attempt a new and simple approach from the ground up... but hopefully not too simple to have merit.


With that little disclaimer, here's a brief overview of my theory followed by a couple of explanatory videos if you want to dig a little deeper.


The Base-12 Prime Vibration:

Geometric Emergence of a Conscious Holographic Universe


Starting from the most fundamental and basic question we can ask about reality, of how something can emerge from nothing, I suggest neutrality is the defining property of pre-existence and that geometry is the simplest way for something to emerge which retains that neutrality. This in turn implies a natural "least action" progression from point to line to circle to cycle, the most efficient of which is the base-12 cycle and its four prime positions of 1, 5, 7 and 11 as the simplest mathematical representation of that cycle. When that base-12 prime cycle is then expressed in its simplest form, as a vibration, a double helix standing wave pattern emerges or what I call the base-12 prime vibration.


Representing a 3D probability waveform of twelve vibrational geometries or quantum rotational states in 4D quaternion space, the holographic projection of the boundary of this anti-de Sitter structure suggests spacetime and gravity are emergent phenomena with dark matter and dark energy as localized properties of extra-dimensional spin. The model also implies that electro-magnetism is the only fundamental force with the weak and strong nuclear forces also localized properties within the prime vibrational profile. 

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Being holographic, the 2D projection of this fundamental base-12 prime vibration would be scale invariant and manifest as a 3D torus at fractals of resolution which are logarithmic octaves of each other in terms of particle density. This geometry suggests a toroidal multiverse comprised of an infinite progression of cyclic universe/anti-universe pairs and offers remarkably simple explanations for many open questions including the nature of the Big Bang, dark energy and dark matter, matter/anti-matter asymmetry, black holes, the formation of atoms, stars and galaxies and accurate predictions of the subatomic particles and forces of the Standard Model of particle physics. This further implies the existence of an even more fundamental proto particle in order for the subatomic fractal of fermions and bosons to manifest. 


The toroidal dynamic of the base-12 prime waveform also seems to reflect the self-referential nature of consciousness whereby a central point of perspective gains self-awareness through polarized creative perceptions of itself. The vibrational geometry of this focal point of experiential awareness could even be described as the subjective qualia of unity or love, of opposite polarities intersecting into a timeless neutral still point of unmanifest potential. This, the model suggests, is the ground state of the Higgs field, excitations of which represent the twelve fermion particles and their anti-matter counterparts. 


This theory therefore presents a panpsychist view of a conscious holographic universe emerging from the geometry of love, the hypothesized proto particle as its elementary unit of qualia and the prime vibration its resonant form.


Next Steps

I have drafted a formal paper detailing this theory with the hopes of submitting it to the arXiv preprint system of Cornell University for professional peer review, but first I have to find an endorser who will graciously enable me to do so as a non-academic newbie publishing his first paper. Wish me luck!


Explanatory Videos

The following video gives a brief overview of my base-12 prime vibrational theory:


For a more detailed explanation of my theory, check out the following video:


The following article I wrote for the 2020 FQXi (Foundational Questions Institute) physics essay contest gives a more technical explanation:  Primarily True