My Story

Formerly a mechanical engineer and statistician/numbers guy for many years... and skeptic of anything I couldn't see or touch, an intuitive awakening in 2014 launched me on a new path exploring the nature of consciousness and reality. 


Suddenly obsessed with numerology, prime numbers and the base-12 number system, I uncovered a vibrational base-12 pattern hidden within the primes. This took the form of an elegant double-helix waveform, the geometry of which seemed to perfectly describe the numerological meanings of numbers intuited by the ancient Greeks thousands of years ago. Adapting traditional base-10 Pythagorean numerology to base-12 revealed a profoundly more powerful and insightful system. This led to my first book, Base-12 Numerology: Discover Your Life Path Through Nature's Most Powerful Number, which explains how to do your own base-12 numerology reading for personal clarity and guidance. 


Researching this prime pattern further through the lens of physics, I realized it not only describes how nature emerges at all levels of scale but also reflects the geometry of consciousness itself: of a neutral point of perspective gaining self-awareness through polarized creative expressions of itself. Most profoundly, the base-12 prime vibration emerges from the "6" frequency of love at the very heart of the waveform, suggesting that everything is the consciousness of love exploring and expanding itself. This inspired me to write a second book, The Prime Vibration: A Theory of Everything Emerging from Love.


My journey of inner and outer discovery continues as I proceed further down the fascinating rabbit hole of all things vibrational... with more books to come!