The Base-12 Prime Vibration

As mentioned on my Welcome page, the base-12 prime vibration is the surprising pattern revealed when the prime numbers are expressed as cycles in base-12.

This fundamental double-helix waveform not only seems to describe how nature works but consciousness too.


It's All About Resonance

When viewed as an energetic cycle of twelve increasing frequencies, the prime vibration would explain why we experience reality through cycles of twelve in the first place. From the visible spectrum of light to the twelve hues of the colour wheel, the twelve-note chromatic scale of music and the twelve fundamental quantum particles of matter, everything we see, hear and touch resonates with this universal cycle of twelve. After all, this principle of vibrational resonance is perhaps the most universal feature of reality so it makes sense that its underlying structure would be vibrational too. 


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Check out my YouTube page for a series of videos which explain and explore the Base-12 Prime Vibration in depth. And for an even deeper dive into the nature of reality and the fundamental role that love and consciousness play, check out my latest book: The Prime Vibration


Explanatory Videos

In the following videos, I explore three important constants of nature through the lens of the base-12 prime vibration - including Pi, the Golden Ratio Phi and the mysterious number 137: