Base-12 Numerology

Mastering Your Personal Vibrational Signature

Everything is energy in vibration and every vibration has a specific meaning or personality depending on its frequency. This includes numbers and words (when letters are given numbered positions in the alphabet) such as your birth date and birth name. Chosen by your higher consciousness or soul before you incarnated, your birth date and name are your vibrational signature and reveals the vibrational themes you came here to explore and who you are meant to be. Deciphering that vibrational road map and following its guidance proactively in your life is what numerology is all about. 


Reducing a Number to its Single-digit Theme

To find the numerology of a number (or word), you add together all the individual digits (or number positions of the letters) and continue to do so until you get a single digit sum. That final single digit number is the theme with which your original number or word resonates. In mathematics jargon, this is called the "digital root" or "repeated digital sum".


In base-12 numerology, the approach I prefer, the number cycle goes from the 0 of potential to the 11 of illumination, whereas base-10 numerology goes from the 0 of potential to the 9 of completion. Thus, you can think of base-12 numerology as having a higher vibrational and more spiritual focus than base-10 which is more physically focused ending with the 9 of physical completion.



In base-10, my year of birth of 1963 would reduce as follows:
1+9+6+3 = 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 =1, which resonates with the number "1" theme of new beginnings, independence and initiative.


In base-12, you first need to convert 1963 from base-10 to 1177 in base-12 before adding the digits (i.e., 1x12 cubed + 1x12 squared + 7x12 + 7 remainder):

1+1+7+7 = 1x12 + 4 = 1+4 = 5, which resonates with the number "5" theme of change, action and adaptability.

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Every Experience is a Learning Cycle of Twelve Themes

The base-12 prime vibration is essentially a manifestation blueprint of consciousness through which thoughts turn into things of like resonance, or what is called the "Law of Attraction" in esoteric circles. That blueprint consists of twelve vibrational geometries that we perceive as twelve archetypal themes of experience from the 0 theme of "potential" to the 11 theme of "illumination".


Together, those twelve themes represent a complete cycle of learning, as illustrated above. As such, how well we navigate those themes individually and collectively determines how illuminating and fulfilling our lives can be.


You will be surprised how many insights base-12 numerology can reveal about yourself and your path and how empowering this tool can be in mastering your authentic self. It's been a profoundly helpful source of guidance in my own life and the base-12 prime vibration convinced me that numerology is not just metaphysical woo-woo but a real science based on vibrational resonance. 


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If you would like to explore Base-12 Numerology in more depth, check out the instructional videos below, the Do-It-Yourself Numerology page of my Base-12 Blog or my book on the subject, Base-12 Numerology. There you will find step-by-step instructions for doing your own personal reading.


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