Mediumship/Spiritual Guidance: Reconnect with Loved Ones


We all yearn for reassurance that our loved ones who have crossed over to non-physical are just fine and still connected with us. As a Psychic Medium able to communicate with Spirit, I know this to be true and would be honoured to bring through messages of validation, healing and guidance from those nearest and dearest to you. 


To book a reading with me, please see my "Mediumship Readings" page.

Base-12 Numerology: Discover Your Vibrational Road Map


Everything is vibrational energy and every vibration has a specific meaning or personality depending on its frequency. This includes numbers and words, such as dates and names. Chosen by us before we incarnate, our birth date and birth name reveal the vibrational Road Map we came here to explore and who we came here to be. Understanding that Road Map and following its guidance proactively in our lives is what Numerology is all about. 


To have me prepare a personalized numerology report for yourself or someone close to you, please see my "Numerology Readings" page. 


If you would like to explore Base-12 Numerology further, please take a look at my "Do-It-Yourself Numerology" page and my first book: Base-12 Numerology. There you will find step-by-step instructions for doing your own personal reading.

Base-12 Meta-Physics: Master the Prime Vibration of Love


For an even deeper dive into the nature of reality and the fundamental role that love and consciousness play, see my "Base-12 Meta-Physics" page and my latest book: The Prime Vibration


I am also available for workshops and speaking events to showcase how the Prime Vibration is the universal missing link between Science and Spirituality and the key of love to which everything is divinely tuned.