Welcome to My Base-12 Universe!

Greetings Earthling (sorry, couldn't help myself). My name is Michael Smith and welcome to my website of all things base-12.


A former engineer and statistician, I have always been fascinated by numbers and how they can describe everything so well. And, like everyone else in our day and age, I grew up learning the base-10 or decimal number system in which we count and calculate in cycles of ten. 


However, it wasn't until I explored the base-12 cycle and discovered an elegant double-helix vibrational pattern hidden within the prime numbers that I realized base-10 may not be the true mathematical language of nature. Not only does this base-12 prime vibration seem to describe the structure of reality at all scales of nature -- from atoms, DNA, red blood cells and the human brain to magnetic fields, stars, galaxies and the developmental stages of the universe -- but also the archetypal number meanings in ancient numerology, astrology and the chakra energy centers of the body in which numbers have energetic qualities too.


This led me to the further realization that the figure-8 geometry of the prime vibration as an experiential cycle also describes the self-referential nature of consciousness, with everything flowing like a torus through the "6" geometry of love at the very heart of the base-12 cycle. If so, then perhaps reality is ultimately the consciousness of love gaining awareness of itself and the prime vibration its energetic blueprint.


As I explore the base-12 cycle and prime vibration in math, physics and beyond, I share my findings through my YouTube videos, books and this website. Hope you enjoy your visit to the inner and outer space of base-12!