Mediumship/Spiritual Guidance: Reconnect with Loved Ones


We all yearn for the reassurance that our loved ones who have passed are just fine and still connected with us. As a Psychic Medium with the ability to communicate with Spirit, I would be honoured to provide you with messages of validation and healing from your dearly departed.


If you seek spiritual guidance regarding your life's path and potentials, I can also bring through messages of higher guidance and clarity concerning your specific inquiries. To book a reading, please see my "Mediumship Readings" page.  

Base-12 Numerology: Discover Your Vibrational Road Map


Everything is an expression of vibrational energy and every vibration has a specific personality depending on its frequency. This includes numbers and words, such as dates and names. 


Chosen by us before we incarnate, our birth date and birth name reveal the vibrational Road Map of what we came here to explore and who we came here to be. Understanding that Road Map and following its guidance proactively in our lives is what Numerology is all about. 


Although traditional Numerology is based on vibrational cycles of 10 ("base-10"), I was intuitively led to adapt it to cycles of 12 ("base-12"). This included uncovering a hidden base-12 vibrational pattern to the prime numbers, a pattern that provides a comprehensive visual blueprint of the Base-12 Numerology Cycle.  

The Base-12 Numerology Cycle

I found that base-12 provides such a higher level of accuracy and insight to numerology readings than base-10 that Base-12 Numerology has become the main focus of my spiritual work. It has helped me so much in my own life that I am eager to share it with others... and thus this website!


So whether you're interested in a Numerology reading or just curious what Base-12 Numerology is, please take a look at my "Do-It-Yourself Numerology" page. Everything you need to do your own FREE personal reading is provided there for your convenience. To have me prepare a reading for you, see my "Numerology Readings" page.