Completing Your Base-12 Numerology Road Map

The format I developed for my numerology readings is called the Base-12 Numerology Road Map... I call it a "Road Map" because it spells out a person's planned trip through this incarnation based on their numbers.


Provided below is a completed example for Yours truly, as well as a blank template for you to print and use for your own reading.


There are three steps involved in completing your Road Map:

  1. On page 1, enter your personal information including birth date, full birth name and the first and last names you currently go by.
  2. On page 2, complete the calculations for the 16 numbers derived from your personal information
  3. On pages 3 through 6, fill in the blanks with your 16 numbers and their corresponding meanings.


Example - Base-12 Numerology Road Map
Base-12 Numerology Road Map - example.pd
Adobe Acrobat Document 446.7 KB
Blank Template - Base-12 Numerology Road Map
Base-12 Numerology Road Map - blank temp
Adobe Acrobat Document 423.7 KB