Lesson 14: Current Name Number

Here in Lesson 14, we calculate your Current Name number... the energy projected by the name you use most often on a daily basis.

Where your birth name reveals who you truly came here to be, your current name often modifies that energy with a different vibe. Exploring the numerology of your current name provides valuable insight into why your prefer that name and/or acquired a particular name through circumstances (e.g. adoption, marriage, etc.).

In the first slide, I explain how to calculate your Current Name number. In the 2nd and 3rd slides, I walk through sample calculations using my current preferred name of "Michael Smith" as an example... showing the difference between the traditional Base-10 method and my Base-12 approach.

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    Patrice (Sunday, 18 June 2023 13:16)

    Hello Michael,

    If you were beginning your journey into the realm of numberology, what system would you begin?

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    Michael to Patrice (Monday, 19 June 2023 07:36)

    Hi Patrice,

    I would suggest you begin with traditional Pythagorean numerology (which follows the base-10 "metric" cycle from 0 to 9) as that is the most widely used system today with many resources to study. That's how I started. Then once you have a good understanding of how numerology works in base-10, transition to my base-12 approach to see how they compare.

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    Rick (Sunday, 20 August 2023 12:46)

    I am having trouble calculating in my chart with all the 10's in it. Like my Birthday 10/10/1957. Which in Base 10 is a life path 6. In base 12 do I add the 1am am runnig0+10+10=30 2=6=8, for a life path of 8. Or is it reduced to 1+1+1=3, for a life path 3. I am running into 10 in my name and question when I use the underlined 10, or 1 in calculation in other parts of my chart. Just not sure when t use them and they change everything dramatically. I hope you can clear things up, because I know you are on to something big here. Unfortunately most example don't have a 10 in them to see how to use them. Please if you can clarify this for me. Ric_Jab@msn.com.

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    Rick (Sunday, 20 August 2023 13:39)

    The chart in you book base 12 numerology seems to be off on page 72, Chart 7. Like a the energies are off for the number and energy column, example 6 is truth instead of love. That whole column seems to be off by one where 0 should be potential.

    It is amazing how that book the pages match the energy presented, ie page 4 being structure, with the chart of structure, etc..

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    Heather (Tuesday, 05 December 2023 16:03)

    I’m a 6 and a 6 so that’s 12. Does that make me a 3?

    Was it Lao Zi who said 3 made the most world? 3 is TriUnity, the resolution of polarity, transcendence of duality

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    Michael to Heather (Tuesday, 05 December 2023 17:24)

    In base-12, 6 + 6 = 1x12 + 0 = 1 + 0 = 1. So your current name resonates with the "10/1" energy of "new beginnings (1) through new beginnings (1) of potential (0)". This projects an independent, optimistic and imaginative vibe.