Lesson 6: World Year and Personal Year


Here in Lesson 6, we calculate your World Year and Personal Year numbers. The World Year is the general vibrational theme we all experience globally in a given year and is based on the year number. Our Personal Year is the theme we each experience personally during that year and is derived from the sum of our birth month, birth day and the World Year.  

In the first slide, I explain how to calculate these two numbers. In the second and third slides, I walk through sample calculations using 2018 and my birth date as an example... showing the difference between the traditional Base-10 method and my Base-12 approach.

Note on the third slide that 2018 converted to base-12 is "1202". That means that 2016 was the year "1200" in base-12 and represented the start of a new 144-year era of "New Beginnings (1) of Duality (2)"... of exposing polarity, building relationships and exploring our physical/spiritual duality.

Conversely, the previous 144-year era we just completed in 2015 was the "1100" era of "New Beginnings (1) of Self (1)"... of independence, power and self-interest. Sounds about right, doesn't it?

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