Lesson 4: Maturity Number

Here in Lesson 4, we calculate your Maturity number... the major goal and direction for the second half of your life (after 35 years old). This number is derived from the sum of your Life Path number and Expression number (covered in Lessons 2 and 3).  

Like your Life Path and Expression number, your Maturity number is felt throughout your life. However, it is felt most strongly later in life because you have had time to experience many of your lessons (Life Path) while learning to express yourself authentically (Expression number), thus becoming a vibrational blend of the two.

In the first slide, I explain how to calculate your Maturity number. In the 2nd and 3rd slides, I walk through sample calculations using me as an example... showing the difference between the traditional Base-10 method and my Base-12 approach.

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