Lesson 2: Life Path



Here in Lesson 2, we calculate your Life Path number... the overall lesson or energetic theme you chose to explore in this life time. This is the most important number in your chart and is based upon your birth date... just like your natal chart in Astrology.

  • In the first slide, I explain the three basic steps involved in determining your Life Path.
  • On the 2nd and 3rd slides, I walk through the process, using my own birth date as an example... showing the difference between the traditional Base-10 method and my Base-12 approach.
  • On the 4th slide, I provide a handy table to look-up the Base-12 equivalent to any Base-10 number you may come across.
Not to worry if your birth year is before the start of this table (1959). Just keep adding 11 to your birth year until it matches one of the years shown... your year in Base-12 will be the same as the row that number appears in (e.g. 1943+11+11 = 1965, so your year in Base-12 is 16/7).


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