What Is Base-12 Numerology?


The Base-12 Numerology Cycle is the vibrational pattern of self-discovery we explore as we journey along our Life Path. Every experience we encounter falls somewhere within the twelve quantum energies from 0 to 11 and presents a unique learning opportunity. How we respond with free will determines how easy or difficult that experience may seem.


The 12 energy represents both the completion of one cycle (since "12" in base-10 equals "10" in base-12, or 1 complete cycle of 12 plus 0 remainder) and the 0 starting potential of the next. In this way, every cycle of experience serves to expand our conscious awareness and enhance our mastery of the twelve universal themes. Thus, no experience is without value regardless how challenging or trivial it may seem.


The region between the red and black waves is the range of potential each number possesses. Only by exploring the full vibrational range of any number can we truly understand and master its theme. The grey inner wave is the "Path of Resonance" created when we do just that. It is the single wave created when the upper and lower waves are combined and is the vibrational path we should strive to follow in order to fully resonate with Love.


The "6" vibration of Love is the very heart of the base-12 cycle through which balance and harmony is achieved and is the doorway between the physically focused themes from 1 to 5 to the more spiritually enlightened themes from 7 to 11. The 6 of Love is the vibrational still-point where physical and spiritual duality becomes one and is therefore the key to finding Heaven on Earth.


Every number and letter resonates with an energetic theme, each with a characteristic personality. These are summarized in the table below and you will refer to this often as your learn to do your own numerology reading. 

Before we walk through the process of doing your own numerology reading, I recommend you watch the video below. This provides a good general introduction to numerology and explains how my base-12 approach differs from traditional base-10 Pythagorean or "Western" numerology...


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