About Michael


I am a Numerologist and Psychic Medium, fascinated with all things "Energy". Previously a Manufacturing  Engineer and Statistician for many years... and die-hard skeptic of the after-life, a sudden spiritual awakening in 2014 changed all that. 


I discovered a mediumship ability to communicate with loved ones in spirit, proving to me without a doubt that our souls do live on in consciousness. This propelled me in my new direction, to explore and develop those abilities and to follow my intuition wherever it may lead. With the help of a gifted spiritual teacher by the name of Heather Scavetta and her School of Miracles in Caledon, Ontario I did just that.


This eventually led me to offering mediumship readings professionally and also to Numerology, the ancient study of the energetic quality of numbers. While learning about traditional Numerology which is based on cycles of 10 (base-10), I was powerfully drawn to the base-12 number system and the mathematics of prime numbers for some reason. That reason became clear when I unexpectedly uncovered a hidden pattern within the prime numbers, a vibrational pattern revealed through base-12 that aligned perfectly with the established number meanings of Numerology. 


This convinced me that the true language of Numerology (and perhaps mathematics) is base-12, not base-10, so I adapted traditional base-10 Numerology to cycles of 12. The base-12 approach has proven so much more accurate and insightful than base-10 that it's the approach I now exclusively use and teach. I suspect this makes me a bit of a rebel in the Numerology profession, but Hey - you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs, a dozen in this case!


My passion is to share Base-12 Numerology with a broader audience and to investigate the potential reach of the base-12 prime pattern to physics and beyond. My first book, "Base-12 Numerology: Discover Your Life Path through Nature's Most Powerful Number", explores this fascinating world of numbers in depth.